New digger and  dumper for  2019

Digger Hire

Martin has been driving diggers for over 30 years. Martin can cater to all of your groundwork needs with his 3-ton digger, full range of buckets including a ditching bucket. The digger is fitted with a hydrolic thumb which enables him to pick up many awkward objects quickly and easily. Of course, this service is offered with full insurance included. 


The old digger but same Tractor and Trailer 

3 ton Digger with driver

£250 per day (8 Hours work) 

Dumper Hire £50 per day plus fuel 

Tractor & 8ton Tipping trailer with Driver £250 per Day 

All prices plus VAT

The old digger but same Tractor and Trailer 

2019 has been a busy year, in June 2019 a replacement digger was bought, a CAT 302.7D CR  (3T0n)

Its the same size and specification as the old digger. Martin made another hydraulic thumb for the digger and is in use all the time enabling him to do jobs you could not do without it.

  New digger with hydraulic thumb  lining a flood relief channel with boulders
Clearing shrub and trees is not a problem when you have a hydraulic thumb
The new digger can lift up to 800kg
                  New dirty water treatment plants installed in 2019,
Martin can supply, install and get the plants signed off by a building control officer to                                           comply with the new water regulations. 
Hydraulic breaker for those rocky jobs
It also has a post driver attachment 
After this very awkward job digging a hole for a new treatment plant, (in the rear of                            this video) I changed my digger for an upgrade. 
The old digger but still shows the very handy hydraulic thumb in use

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